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Customer Testimonials

" Such a wonderful place to come workout, no matter what level you are at. Everyone is so accepting. Whatever class you choose, all the teachers are amazing! Zumba is the best though (just saying). ~ Alisa V.

"I wish I didn't see a difference, then I wouldn't have to go!" ~ Neal J.

“Studio 117 is a place you feel alive! It changes who you think you are!” ~ Jaynee K.

"The online classes literally keep me sane and focused. Doing something good for myself makes me feel more in control in a stressful situation." ~ Stacey B.

"...from the movement, attitude of gratitude, and from all of the others in the same boat as me, I get such a positive experience which makes it easy to keep coming back."~ Della F.

"Going to classes has helped me not only with my health through exercise, but with my mental well being. I'm able to forget the troubles of life by "moving" my stress away and being able to laugh and have fun while doing it!"~ Colleen B.

"Having a place to workout with women who are constantly encouraging each other and giving it their all has truly made the difference for me this year."~ Alysse J.

"I absolutely love the fact that I can workout at my own speed. I am so thankful Jenny is there to challenge me and not let me give up on myself."~ Mindi T.

"As years pass, it becomes more and more important to keep moving! Classes are not always easy, but it feels good to challenge yourself." ~ Shirley J.

"Fitness has always played an important role in my life. Results happen when you stay committed and continue to challenge yourself."~ Angie G.

"My mental health has benefitted, possible more than my physical health, throughout these times because I could stay connected (on zoom) to my community."~ Jessica L.

" Going to your classes always lifts my spirits (as well as my heart rate), gets me up and moving, and out of the house. The symmetry of balance, cardio, and stretching(in functional fitness) is just right!"~ Linda S.

" The PPE make the studio a safe place to be. Jenny has done everything to ensure that our strive for better health is successful."~ Jill L.

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