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Hello! Welcome to your new fitness family!


Current Schedule of Studio 117 Classes 

Monday: Gentle Yoga @ 9a, Upbeat Barre @5p, WARRIOR Strength @ 6:15p

Tuesday: Functional Fitness @ 9a, Yoga Trapeze @ 6p, WARRIOR Rhythm@ 7:15p

Wednesday: Zumba @ 6p, Yoga by the Lake @ 7:15p

Thursday: Functional Fitness @ 9a, WARRIOR Strength @ 6

Friday: Zumba @ 9am

Saturday: Combo: High Fitness @8a, WARRIOR Rhythm @ 9:15a

Check Studio 117 Facebook page for current classes this month!


Drop in for all classes (except Trapeze Yoga) $10/class, $95/10 classes.

Trapeze Yoga $18/ class, $45/3 classes






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